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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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atm. first this afternoon, hospital representatives in london are trying to explain how they fell for a classic hoax. and released information about kate middleton's condition to pranksters imitating the queen. >> may i speak to kate, please? my granddaughter? >> yes. >> would you have fallen for that? i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. kate middleton's husband and her siblings visited today. but an australian radio show made a prampg call to the hospital and pre tended to be the queen and someone pretended to be prince charles. >> keir simmons explains how they were able to get confidential information. >> reporter: the hospital where the duchess of cambridge is
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being treated giving away confidential information to complete strangers. the australian radio hoax called the hospital pretending to be the queen and prince charles. their impressions were, frankly, laughable, yet they were put through to kate's ward. >> hello there. could i please speak to kate, please, my granddaughter? >> reporter: it revealed kate had an uneventful night and was about to get freshened up as well as other private information. the hospital is calling it a foolish prank, and deplorable. others are calling it a shocking breach of privacy. >> i'm not impressed, i have to say 679 i think it was a pretty poor trick to play. >> reporter: the radio host issued a statement today saying they were surprised to be put through and are sorry if their call cautioned any issues. >> i received advice what the australian broadcasters did. they may well have broken the law. on the other hand, they've apologized for it. so we're going to have a long and careful think about what, if
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anything, we do. >> reporter: prince william visited his wife for a third day, again looking relaxed. kate is improving, but it's not known when she will be able to leave hospital. it is said she may take a few days to recover from this acute morning sickness from which she's been suffering. keir simmons, nbc news, london. coming up at 4:30, we'll have more on the severe morning sickness that landed kate in the hospital. a woman who suffered from the same condition explains just how debilitating it was. virginia state police and the fbi have now joined an investigation into the bombing of an atm in fredericksburg. detectives tell us there was an explosion around 4:00 this morning here at the virginia credit union on gordon shelton boulevard. the outdoor atm was damaged but no money was taken. the credit union was open for business today. no other explosives were found. a 14-year-old boy is dead after a prince george's county
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shooting. police say reyes was walking with a group of friends just before 1:00 a.m. on sheridan street in louisdale. men driving by in a car opened fire on teens. reyes was taken to the hospital and later died. another teenager was hit but he's expected to be okay. police believe the shooting was gang related. a fighting over spring speech is in dispute. a man said bad reviews on yelp are costing him business and a lot of money. more on the story. >> jim, today's hearing was all about what jane perez can and cannot say online when this lawsuit is pending. perez wrote bad re suviews, and implies someone from his company may have stolen her jewelry. this is deets walking out of court with his attorney today.
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he said perez's comments are costing him big money. perez said it's a matter of free speech. today the judge said perez is free to write whatever she wants about deets's business but ordered her to remove any references to jewelry while this case proceeds. >> people have the right to write a review that's honest and truthful. if it's negative and true, that's fair. but if it's negative and untrue, that's not fair. >> the lawsuit itself will play out in court over weeks and months. but perez needs to change what she wrote online at least for now. that yelp review has already been taken down. jackie bensen will have reaction on news4 at 5:00. guys, back to you. yesterday it felt a bit like spring. freezing temperatures are now rolling in. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson tells us when to expect the big chill. veronica? >> real, real soon. so get those coats ready, guys.
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take a look, did you have any showers in your neighborhood this morning? because here's what the radar looked like at 5:00 a.m. right on the money, like we said yesterday. that front came through our area. it brought just a few light showers. then we got sunshine in here very quickly. sunshine, but cold. and also some gusty winds. the temperatures throughout the area right now as we head into bowie, maryland, 57 degrees right now. over the fairfax county, coming in at 54 degrees. look at that. gusty winds. we're seeing wind gusts around 20, and just over 20 miles per hour to the north and west. we've got the subfreezing morning to talk about, and now a little hiccup in our weekend weather. so what could that do to your plans? well, i'm going to give you the forecast for the weekend coming up. former president george h.w. bush is doing well enough to ramp up his physical therapy.
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the 41st president has been in methodist hospital in houston since the day after thanksgiving. he's suffering from a persistent cough stemming from bronchitis. it's not life-threatening. mr. bush is 88 now. no date has been set for his discharge. president obama is warning republicans not to use the fiscal cliff to try to win concessions on raising the nation's borrowing limit. nbc's danielle lee is live on capitol hill this afternoon where a perfect storm over spending and borrowing and taxes is shaping up here at the end of the year. danielle? >> reporter: pat, that's a good way to describe it. both sides are digging in their heels, and with no move to avoid the fiscal cliff, or to raise the debt ceiling which is currently at $16.4 trillion, now there's new concern about what could happen to our credit rating in the new year. each day toward the fiscal cliff is also another day closer to the country maxing out on its
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borrowing limits. president obama called it a dangerous lesson when he talked to business leaders today. >> the only thing that debt ceiling is good for as a weapon is to destroy your credit rating. >> reporter: he's worried republicans may refuse to raise the debt ceiling and risk defaulting on the country's loan. >> that is a bad strategy for america. it's a bad strategy for your businesses. and it is not a game that i will play. >> reporter: republicans are pushing back. >> he's the president, not the emperor. he does not have the power. >> reporter: fiscal cliff negotiations have been at a standstill since monday. not by raising rates on the rich as the president had insisted. >> we're not insisting on rates just out of spite, but rather because we need to raise a certain amount of revenue. >> we can't just keep borrowing money, raising taxes and expecting the problem to go away. >> reporter: house members headed home for a long weekend
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with democrats so far unsuccessful in their efforts to force a vote on a bill that would extend tax cuts to 98% of americans. but house speaker john boehner said he's here, and all ears. >> i'll be available at any moment to sit down with the president if he gets serious about solving this problem. >> reporter: 26 days out and the waiting continues. >> with no solution in sight, the budget office is ordering the pentagon and other federal agencies to finalize their plan for surviving massive spending cuts. danielle lee, news4. the house has now approved a bill giving former presidents and their wives secret service protection for life. under current law, secret service protection lasts only ten years after a president leaves office. supporters argue the change is necessary because of terrorist threats, and the comparative youth of recent presidents. the bill now goes to the u.s. senate. my tweet has been posted.
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that's what i'm talking about. >> if you send a tweet to the white house twitter account, you might get an answer back from the president himself. the white house released this video of the president answering tweets from americans about the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations. the white house started a hash tag, my 2 k which refers to the $2,000 the average middle class american will pay in taxes if a deal is not reached. that's how he gets it done, like the rest of us, huh? >> doing it himself. a health scare for a former child star. a stroke that landed frankie muneasy in the hospital. did you know there's a black friday at your doctor's office? why the date of your appointment matters so much. and new this afternoon, a big break in the case of a man pushed to his death on theew york subway. plus, the backlash against the photographer who captured the victim's final moments.
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a young star in hollywood is recovering today from a stroke. frankie muneasy suffered what he called a mini stroke. the malcolm in the middle star said, he was in the hospital last week, that he needs to start better care of his body and that the whole thing made him feel old. he turns 27 today. at the end of the year, most health care providers are trying to close their books. and many patients are trying to
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figure out how to spend the last of their health care dollars before december 31st. we take a look at the best ways to get the most out of your health care dollars. if you have a flexible spending account. dr. jackie is here to help us out. first off, dr. jackie, we have a flexible spending account, you say you head to the pharmacy, what do you advise us to buy? >> you should take the cart and start stocking up. like the over-the-counter allergy medications, motrin, cough medications, you can even get a contact lens solution with those flexible spending accounts. basically you use it or you lose it. so buy up before the end of the year. >> you also advise patients to get those 90-day prescriptions filled. >> right. it's the same thing here, which is you get the prescription, if you get it filled today, it will be good for 90 days. you're coming up under the deductible and co-pay you already met. think about the things you don't need until spring but get it now
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when it doesn't cost you a thing. >> a lot of people wait until the last minute to see the doctor before the deductibles kick in again. >> the people you already had the opportunity to already pay for. the people like the dentist, certainly your pediatrician if you haven't had the well child check, mammogram. there are health maintenance programs that can help with cholesterol screening, smoking cessation. they're already paid for. might as well get it done. >> i know doctors get really backed up in december. but what's the best way to get an appointment? what's the best time to go? >> the best time to go is call right now. realize everybody's going to be doing, especially once they hear this broadcast, everybody's going to think i want to get in to see the doctor. the busy days are between right after christmas, december 26th to the end of the year. call now. there are many people i need to see at least twice a year, asthmatics, if i haven't seen you yet, come in. >> are there doctors we should
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hold off to seeing until next year? >> there are a couple, especially if you have something big to get done. let's say you're going to have a knee surgery done and you're going to have a lot of physical therapy. you might as well pile that up into the next calendar year. don't stress yourself out by getting it done now. >> we know this is the best time to get a flu shot. what about the other vaccinations? >> it's part of your health care plan, so get them. flu shots, pneumonia shots, shingles shots, if you haven't gotten them, they're part of your plan, go get them. >> what kinds of things will insurance cover that most people don't know they cover? >> people wouldn't think about things that are ancillary medical parts. that could be things like the health club memberships, things like special bedding, particularly if you have copd, smoking related disease, or re flux, dust mite covers for my allergy patients, nutritional counseling for people with diabetes. or if you are an asthmatic, you
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can get new nebulizers. already paid for by your insurance. mouthpieces. all sorts of diabetic things that cover glucose monitors. >> would you give me a prescription for dust mite covers? i do use those. >> that's really who i learned this from is my patients came to me year after year, if you write it on a prescription pad for me, i can submit it, either to their health insurance plans, or to their flexible spending account. >> and my mother uses the stockings. >> if we get it through health plans or the flexible spending account, you just need me to write it on a prescription pad and you can get that covered. the dollars are there. >> all right. clock is ticking. thanks, dr. jackie. and don't go too far, dr. jackie, i might need you. thanks for the motrin advice. gorgeous day out there. we're starting to chill off, huh, veronica? >> that, we are. we had a cool day today when the front came through.
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as a matter of fact, the temperature was at 60 degrees at 5:00 a.m. right before the front. the mercury dropped. we've seen the temperatures climb very slowly today. we're at 58 degrees right now. but our high likely to be the 60 at 5:00 a.m. this morning. the other thing is, of course, it has been pretty breezy with higher gusts getting up to around 25 miles per hour. take a look at some of the gusts throughout the mid-atlantic right now. up to 31-mile-per-hour gusts in hagerstown, maryland. up to 30 in wilkes-barre. the winds will diminish as high pressure moves in. there's the one that came through the area early this morning. now high pressure building in, giving us a pretty clear sky across this area. some clouds still north in pennsylvania and down to the south. but for us, clear, that will allow these temperatures that are now in the 50s, low and upper 50s to really drop down tonight so subfreezing levels. already at 32 in buffalo, new york. 39 in chicago. there's your cold air. it's going to come in, and tomorrow is going to be a cool
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day for us. and as far as the weather pattern goes, there's the jet stream. we'll see a little bit more of a dip in it for tomorrow. and then it's going to climb a little bit as we get into the weekend. but it's really the winds and stalled-out weather system that's going to give us a so-so weekend coming up. for tomorrow morning, 35 to 34 degrees. so coats back on after this chilly evening for us. you can see high pressure, sunshine, feeling every bit like december tomorrow. there's a front. a few light showers coming through our area. perhaps friday. but only a 20% chance. not even enough to put in the forecast. wet weather comes into the area saturday. and i think even saturday earlier, around 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. 36 to 44 degrees. we're chilly this evening with sun setting at 4:46. tomorrow, subfreezing temperatures everywhere under a clear sky. cold. but at least the winds are going to be calm. the high tomorrow only 43 to 48
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degrees. as we look at the four-day forecast, it takes you into the weekend, with a 60% and 70% chance of rain for saturday and sunday. and as that rain comes our way on saturday, even before we get to about 1:00, possibility of anywhere from a quarter to a third of an inch of rain across the area. southwest wind for saturday. northeast wind for sunday. these days rather different, but certainly wet. mid 60s to 50s this weekend. the debate over whether a paper copy is the way to go. four legs and four wheels. believe it or not, these dogs have learned how to drive.
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redskins fans haven't been this excited about the team in long, long time. you can give all the credit to mr. rookie quarterback sensation himself, rg3. he's been the talk around town this week. whur's molette green is here with new reaction. the enthusiasm really skyrocketed after his performance monday night over the giants. what are your listeners saying today? >> oh, my goodness, they're saying this guy is like super human almost. he is their superhero.
4:23 pm
the washington redskins fans have been waiting on this sort of savior for a very, very long time. and this guy has exceeded any and every expectation. and look, his jersey and cleats are on their way to the hall of fame. probably as we speak. because of what he did in this game. he broke the rookie rushing record for a qb. this man is incredible. >> and he's a good guy in every interview we've heard from. he keeps it real. >> he's smart. >> smart, poised. sunday we've got the ravens, and a battle of the beltway. any division among your listeners? >> look, this is the deal. the closer you are to washington, you've got the washington redskins fans. the closer you are to baltimore, come on, raven fans. i think that divide happens somewhere along laurel, maryland. redskins fans, say, look, we've got rg3 and we're not giving up on this winning streak that
4:24 pm
we're on right now. and look, we've got to keep winning these games. so the redskins fans are going to can continue to root for the redskins. surely we have ravens fans in our neck of the woods. >> there are a few out there. >> we do. and people here like to root for the ravens. when they're not playing the redskins. and especially when they're playing redskins rivals, they really love rooting for the ravens. the ravens are a great team. but the redskins have that story franchise history. and people for generations have been redskins fans. and always will be. >> let's move on to hoops. rg3 was down at the phone booth last night. this is where i blew out my vocal cords in the last four minutes as they beat the heat. and lebron james. the star, though, was rg3, all eyes were on him. >> incredible. the wizards finally win a game, and win against miami. and look, all the attention is on rg3. lebron james, other fans in the stands. this guy can do almost anything
4:25 pm
right now. maybe we should send him to capitol hill to negotiate a deal on the fiscal cliff. >> there's an idea. >> there's an idea, jim. >> we've got to finish this season first. >> let him finish the day job. let's talk a little bit about your toy drive. how can people get involved in help? >> the season of giving is still in full swing. and this time around, we're focusing on children. we want to give toys. new toys. to children in need in the washington community. two opportunities this coming saturday from 12:00 to 4:00, in the district at the central union mission and in prince george's county at iverson mall. check out for more information. >> it's easy to do. there are great deals out there. you can make a big difference. just one thing is all it takes. thank you so much. pat, back over to you. new at 4:30, an arrest on a horrific scene. a man pushed to his death on a new york subway. ahead on news4 at 4:00, why the photographer who captured the victim's final moments says
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly.
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at 4:30 right now, fredericksburg police are trying to figure out who bombed an atm today. state, federal and local authorities spent the day collecting evidence and checking for other explosives. they never found any. no one was hurt in the blast. incredibly the atm still works. police believe gang violence claimed the life of a 14-year-old boy in prince george's county. reyes was walking with a group of friends over on sheridan street in louisvale. he died at the hospital. another teen was shot but is expected to be okay. president obama's expected to travel to detroit on monday to push his proposal for raising tax rates on the wealthiest americans. the trip is part of his effort to get republicans to drop their opposition to increasing rates on the top 2%. meanwhile, house speaker john boehner challenged the president today to come up with a plan that can pass both houses of congress. a new york man accused of shoving a stranger in front of a
4:30 pm
subway train is now charged with murder. the case has horrified people all over the world. >> the man who snapped a photo of the victim seconds before he was killed is defending himself. nbc's chris clackum explains why the photographer says he couldn't help the victim. >> reporter: the man new york city police took into custody tuesday made his first court appearance wednesday. 30-year-old davis is charged with second-degree murder. and he's believed to be the man on the right arguing with another man before pushing him into the path of an oncoming subway train monday. >> it was horrifying. it was terrible. >> reporter: but there's also outrage over the "new york post" publishing the photo of the victim moments before the subway hit him. and with the photographer who took the picture. >> and i saw the man on the tracks. >> reporter: he's the free lance photographer who went on the "today" show to defend himself against critics who say he should have helped the victim,
4:31 pm
58-year-old ki suk han instead of taking the photo. >> i saw the lights in the distance of the approaching train. and the only thing i could think of at that time was to alert the driver with my camera flash. >> reporter: abassi said he started running toward the victim but was afraid the man who pushed han would push him. >> there was no way i could have rescued mr. han. what really surprises me is the people who were maybe 100 feet, or 150 feet away from mr. han, they did not reach out to help him. >> reporter: abassi offered condolences to han's family and said he sold the photograph, but won't say for how much. while the "new york post" hasn't responded to the criticism yet. chris clackum, nbc news. turning now to the weather here in the washington area.
4:32 pm
it's going to be turning a little cooler. >> that's right. how much cooler, veronica? >> cooler, and we're going to slap it on there for tonight, cold for tonight. the temperatures out there right now, they are chilly. i wouldn't say necessarily cold at all. because we're still several degrees pabove average for this 5th day of december. fairfax, springfield now at 55 degrees. over mount ranier in maryland. currently 58 the temperature and 52 just to the north in gaithersburg. through the night forecast, we're going to go ahead and zoom right on in to maryland. the forecast, chilly conditions. we're going to be heading down do 35 degrees by 5:00 a.m. problems possibly in our weekend forecast with a little bit of rain. i'll give you the details coming up. thanks, v.j. an accident killed one man inside a water tower today and left another dangling in mid-air. the workers fell 100 feet inside an empty tank in philadelphia. the man who survived was hurt
4:33 pm
but was conscious as rescuers pulled him back to the top of the tower. he was suspended from his safety harness. the other victim fell all the way to the bottom of the tank. two australian deejays are apologizing today after making a prank call to a london hospital, and getting information about kate middleton. the disk jockeys impersonated queen elizabeth and prince charles and were able to get through to a nurse. she told them middleton hadn't experienced any morning sickness recently and she had been sleeping on and off. the hospital said it's reviewing protocol. middleton was hospitalized on monday with severe morning sickness related to her pregnancy. a lot of moms can tell you one doesn't have to be a royal to suffer from that condition. severe morning sickness affects one out of every 300 expectant mothers. nbc's kim ratcliffe says symptoms can become so severe it threatens the health of the
4:34 pm
mother and baby. >> vomiting probably 20 times a day. maybe more. i thought my baby was going to die. i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: melissa had no idea being pregnant was going to be so frightening. >> i thought it was going to be a joyful thing. instead i was in the hospital for weeks at a time. >> reporter: melissa had hyperemesis gravidarum, a rare condition that many describe as morning sickness on steroids. just out of control vomiting. >> it's just a complete intolerance of anything by mouth. either fluid, or food. they just cannot simply -- i mean, almost vomiting immediately. >> i basically sat in my bed and just slept. the entire time. and would get sick, and hardly ate. i lost so much weight. >> reporter: most of the symptoms go away after the first trimester. >> 20% or less will continue to
4:35 pm
have nausea and vomiting after week 22 or so. >> reporter: melissa saw no relief. she was admitted into the hospital and had to get nutrition and fluids through i.v.s. >> basically we get treated like a chemo patient. >> they're literally fed through a tube that goes into their nose and down into their intestine, or fed through their veins. >> reporter: melissa's first daughter was born three weeks early, but otherwise healthy. even though she knew she would have the same problem, she got pregnant again. and roz lynn was born. now that her daughters are older, melissa is sharing her story so other women know how to tell when morning sickness gets out of control. >> i want to help other women out, because i feel a lot of women don't get the support they need, even from friends and family. they don't get it. they've never been through it. >> now, melissa said her biggest frustration involved convincing her doctors and medical community that her condition amounted to far more than a
4:36 pm
normal case of morning sickness. dr. robinson suggests keeping a journal to help you make the case with your doctor. have you made the digital switch? coming up next on news4 at 4:00, the debate whether it's safe to decline the paper receipt and get it in your inbox instead. pedals and paws. fido's behind the wheel. a new driver's ed program for dogs. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. this holiday season, give the gift that's magical: the innovative airfit adjustable pillow at special 30% savings.
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one time white house party crasher tareq salahi linched a website promoting his run for governor of virginia. salahi is running for the republican nomination. he's not expected to mount much of a challenge. his new site crashed, the invites virginians to crash party lines and help him change politics as usual. in "news4 your health" this afternoon, a lot of people take aspirin to help prevent heart attacks, but the coated version of aspirin may actually block the benefits. researchers were testing the theory that some people are resistant to the effects of aspirin. but instead, they found the coating on certain brands of aspirin meant to protect your
4:40 pm
stomach could actually keep the pill from stopping the growth of blood clots. and that, in turn, could lead to a heart attack or stroke. bayer helped fund that study. a young cancer patient missing today, and police say time could be running out. coming up, a mother who took her daughter from a hospital explains why she wasn't the one who put the girl in danger. and veronica, what's happening with the weather? >> oh, yeah, we've got 38 degrees already. 30s in pennsylvania and ohio. the cold air set to arrive by morning. we're talking about cold and rain.
4:41 pm
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who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. an animal rescue charity in new zealand has trained dogs to drive cars. the dogs take weeks of driver's ed, where they learn to change gears, they brake, they even steer. trainers say the dog's ability to drive is really just a matter of a group of behaviors that are put into a sequence. three dogs, monty, jimmy and porter, are among those now allowed behind the wheel. with their trainer's help, they get into the driver's seat and take off. >> there are not enough treats, if the driver's seat is on the wrong side. i think he's using a stick shift, too. that's talent. >> at least he's not texting.
4:44 pm
>> exactly. >> it may be cute, but can dogs get a license to drive? >> maybe in some countries. in dogville, sure, anything can happen. >> maybe it's not an issue for some. >> but the weather is, special sli when we're approaching the weekend. >> we've got a couple of hiccups in our forecast for the weekend. yesterday was looking dry. today, now, we're talking about a weather front that will stall over our area. what that will do is provide us with a whole lot of clouds and even showers from time to time, this upcoming weekend. first, though, let's focus on the cold. a gorgeous sunset right now. we've got temperatures out there still holding in the mid and upper 50s. still several degrees above average for today. but again, it's been windy, so that's kind of added to the chill. take a look at the temperatures throughout the mid-atlantic area. the mild air showing up in the green. the colder air showing up in the blue. and that's that wave that's coming down.
4:45 pm
pennsylvania, ohio, where state college is at 37 degrees. pittsburgh, pennsylvania, at 35. cleveland, too, columbus, ohio, at 39 degrees. that cold air will be dropping in, and arriving by tomorrow morning. so you're going to need the coat. i think a lot of neighborhoods will be down in the 20s by tomorrow morning. we're at 58 degrees right now. our winds still at 12 miles per hour. it's a dry wind out of the northwest. but that wind by morning will drop to about five to maybe eight miles an hour. and there's your cold front showing up this morning, from new york, eastern new york, all the way through our area and down into eastern tennessee. move through our area, and now high pressure is over us. so the sky is clear. and tomorrow it still will be with us. we'll have some sunshine. from chilly to cold by morning. we get the sunshine. we'll hold on to full sunshine throughout the day tomorrow. you'll hardly even notice a cloud, even a wispy cloud. friday, the clouds roll in. and there's a possibility of a few light showers just north of
4:46 pm
d.c. i didn't put a percentage in, because i thought it would only be about 20% chance. for friday night, saturday morning, the rain comes into our area. we've got a chance of rain for the weekend. especially saturday morning and sunday. again, we're in the 40s. feeling like december for tomorrow. quick look at your seven-day forecast from 47 tomorrow to 55 by sunday. still could be looking at rain on monday. jim, pat? >> thanks, v.j. the question at the racash register used to be paper or plastic. do you want your receipt on paper or in digital form. >> why many are opting for electronic receipts this holiday season. >> reporter: we may not be carrying fewer packages this year, but for some people, they'll be carrying fewer receipts. >> i choose the electronic. >> reporter: why is that? >> i don't want the paper. >> i choose the electronic
4:47 pm
receipt to save paper. >> probably save it from getting lost. >> reporter: from macy's to nordstrom's, many retailers are offering to give up on paper and get a digital receipt in their e-mail. >> i think it's a natural progression for another paper-intensive area of life to get digitized. >> reporter: apple computer has been offering digital receipts for some time. but this holiday season, more stores than ever before are offering online receipts. >> i don't think printing receipts will go away totally. but i think more and more will see retailers offering an option for digital. >> reporter: beyond meeting the demand from high-tech consumers, what's the advantage for retail stores? >> it's faster, less paper, less expense to get it out of the way. plus the store gets the data file on the new consumer. >> reporter: an opportunity to send ads and promotions to the same e-mail address they're sending the receipt. it's clear more and more retailers will start offering
4:48 pm
these electronic receipts. before you get one, there's a few questions you ought to ask. >> what specifically are you going to use my e-mail address for? >> reporter: clearly some people will continue to be skeptical with going with electronic receipts and would rather see a familiar paper receipt in the bottom of their shopping bag. >> i'd rather get it in paper. >> why is that? >> that way i have it in my hands and i know where it's at. >> people who like paper receipts say they want something they can hold in their hands when it comes time to return an item. those who like the digital say they often lose paper receipts, and if it's not in their e-mail, it's easy to find. >> i like the paper. >> i do, too. i'm old school. a robber who got more than he bargained for. coming up, incredible video of the clerk who fought back. and the customers who joined in to help. i'm wendy rieger. coming up at 5:00, a mysterious raid in arlington. the fbi taking over a local
4:49 pm
university. new findings may change the way women are being treated for breast cancer. coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll tell you why the hall of fame came calling for robert griffin iii and his jersey, and cleats that he wore monday night. see you in a few m
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our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. this holiday season, give the gift that's magical: the innovative airfit adjustable pillow at special 30% savings. a would-be robber got more than he bargained for in connecticut. surveillance video shows him
4:52 pm
holding up a rite-aid over the weekend. as he walked around to the register, the clerk throws him to the ground, other customers and the pharmacist realized what was going on and they jumped in to help. they all managed to hold the suspect down until police got there. police say the man had a box cutter. one woman wound up with a cut on her leg, but there were no other serious injuries. the woman listed as the world's oldest person died outside atlanta. betsy cooper was 116. her family says she had been sick recently. but she felt better monday. even had her hair done and watched a movie. yesterday she had trouble breathing, and passed away. guinness certified cooper the world's oldest person last year. in case you're wondering, that title now belongs to dina manfer dini, who lives in iowa. she just celebrated her 115th birthday. coming up next, we are hearing from the parents of a young cancer patient taken from a hospital. police say the girl could be in
4:53 pm
danger. why her mother and dad said they are not the ones ho put her at risk.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
we're now hearing from the parents of a missing 11-year-old cancer patient. the girl disappeared last week when her mother sneaked her out of the hospital in arizona.
4:56 pm
authorities say the girl could be in danger. but as miguel almaguer reports, the parents say the hospital put her at risk. >> reporter: 11-year-old emily was last seen with her mother, the young leukemia patient spotted on surveillance cameras walking through an arizona hospital last wednesday at 10:25 p.m. ducking into a bathroom, police say her mother removed emily "i.v., which was connected to a chest catheter, changed her clothes and drove away from the hospital. >> she's fine. >> reporter: nbc news sat down with emily's father in california, while her mother was on the phone from mexico. emily's parents say their daughter is now being treated by doctors in mexico. they won't say where. but police call their actions reckless. >> there is a criminal element to this from the standpoint that we don't know the motive or reason why mom removed emily
4:57 pm
from the hospital. >> reporter: investigators say what happened at phoenix children's hospital may be a case of child endangerment. they worry the catheter still in emily's heart could become infected. >> we've been told that by doctors is that the minute that this little girl gets an infection, certainly just a matter of days could result in her death. >> reporter: emily's father says he had nothing to do with his daughter's disappearance. over the weekend, he was questioned by border patrol officers as he reentered the united states from mexico. >> she's in very good hands now. >> reporter: the family who hasn't been charged with a crime say they removed emily from the phoenix hospital after she contracted a bacterial infection in her right arm which had to be amputated. they also say their family was pressured over health insurance and mounting medical bills. >> very upset, angry, and without any answers, and what happened. why would they treat her this way. >> reporter: prohibited from
4:58 pm
talking about emily's medical treatment the hospital released a statement saying phoenix children's hospital is deeply concerned about emily's safety and well-being. if emily's family has questions about her care, we encourage open communication and discussion of options with the care team. clinical decisions are not based on ability to pay. >> hi, daddy. >> hi. how are you? >> good. >> reporter: their little girl, they say, is happy and healthy. but police demand emily be returned to the same hospital where she made a quick getaway with her mother one week ago. miguel almaguer, news4. right now, at 5:00, flavored water, it's bright, it looks fun, but it comes with a warning for children. someone tried to blow up an atm in virginia. and this was reported first on 4. a call to cut the tolls on the icc and it's getting new attention. but first, a child killed in prince george's county. the victim just 14 years old.
4:59 pm
i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm jim handly. this happened in the community of louisdale early this morning. pat collins is live at the headquarters right now. the shooting may have been gang related? >> reporter: here's the situation, jim. in the dark hours of the morning, police say a 14-year-old, a 14-year-old is hanging out with some gang members. he ends up getting shot and killed in a drive-by. the victim, reyes. he goes by the name of cheche. reyes shot and killed this morning. he was 14 years old. police describe it as a gang-related murder. here's why. >> we've determined that the victim was with at least two known gang members early this morning when the murder occurred. >> was the victim involved in the gang? >> at this point we're s


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